About Us

Subtle means indirectly while Kawaii is Japanese for cute. SubtleKawaii was founded for the sole purpose to spread cuteness far and wide. We focus on all the cutest trends, such as anime, cosplay and most particularly: Harajuku fashion. Harajuku fashion is a style of unique and colourful outfits merging traditional Japanese and other western styles. This allows us to create the perfect style for anyone looking to stand out (in a good way).
We wish to connect every community and aim to share the joy of being unique to everyone all over the world. Not only do we bring you excellent, premium products, we strive to offer every customer high-quality service and a great shopping experience. 
Welcome to SubtleKawaii, the place where your journey starts. Hope you enjoy!
We'd love to talk to all of you. If you have any questions or just want a quick chat, feel free to contact us using the chat.